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Studio 201

Studio 202

Project: Bikeshop, Coffee shop, cycle place.

Location: 7000 Carroll Ave , Takoma Park, MD 20912

laser cut / structure / concept

Studio   301 

Case Study

ٍSemester Project 

Project Name: Elementary School

Location: 1100 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017



sun path & wind
Zoning Ordiance

Studio      302 

Urban Planning

Location: 925 Rhode Island Ave NW Washington, DC 20001

Precedent study:

carabanchel 16 Housing 

Location: Madrid, Spain

Semester Project:

After redesigning a block on Rhoad island ave, I was assigned to design the northeast portion of the block, Location: 10th st intersecting with R st. Washington, D.C , 20001

Study models & Elevation Model

Studio 401

2018-2019 TIMBER IN THE CITY: Urban Habitat Competition
International Student Design Competition

The competition challenges participants to re-imagine a vacant waterfront site in Queens, New York, as a vibrant and vanguard model of healthy, biophilic living for the future of the city.

Embracing new structural and ecological possibilities of wood construction, the mission was to design a mid-rise, mixed-use complex that includes affordable housing, a large community wellness facility, and an early childhood education center, in my case I was responsible to develop the early childhood education center.


Location:42-16 Vernon Blvd Long Island City, NY 11101



wood technology used in the project: CLT FLoor slabs, CLT shearwalls, Glulam beam, Glulam column.Glulam bracing 

site png.png
site model.png
structure model.png

Structural model

Building model

Studio 402 

Design and develop a multi-purpose library for the community of Maryland.


Location: Clarksburg, MD

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